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Of all the ways that musicians across the globe have responded to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the legacy that will likely survive is the dozens of benefit compilation recordings. Released on the one-year anniversary of September 11, Let's Roll is surely among the most interesting of these. The proceeds from the disc benefit the Todd M. Beamer Foundation, established to help the children affected by these events. Performers range from the finest artists in the mainstream contemporary Christian music community, plus a few well-placed celebs, such as Wynonna and Yo-Yo Ma, who neither sound out of place or here just for show. Many of the artists, including 38th Parallel, dcTalk, and James Curlin, appeal to the power of bombastic, anthemic music to channel their patriotic and faith-filled messages. But the most successful songs here employ restraint, subtlety, and grace, as on the beautiful fingerpicked guitar stylings of Nick Moroch and Don Potter. The disc's shining moments arrive in the form of uplifting and gorgeous lullaby ballads from Jennifer Knapp, Nicole C. Mullen, and an absolutely golden-throated Ms. Chaka Khan. --Mike McGonigal

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Reviewer: Music Lover (USA)

Outstanding musically and goes to a good cause, January 18, 2006 This cd is a must have for anyone that loves contemporary Christian music and/or wants money made from their purchase to go to a good cause.

Musically the stand out track in my opinion is the opening one by dc Talk. The members of dc Talk have gotten together extremely rarely the past few years since splitting to do work on solo projects (hopefully not split for good) so anything new from them together as a band is highly anticipated. Their title track "Let's Roll" is unbelievable and better than anything off of their Supernatural cd.

All the tracks on this cd are good in their own right and overall this cd is easily 5 stars. Buy this one with good conscience and enjoy the music which, sadly, Todd Beamer can no longer do.

Reviewer: Dr. J. H. Curlin "JimWisetheGrey" (Ozark, AR)

Will soothe your soul, May 9, 2006

Nothing bad can legitimately be said about this album. It was designed as a source of comfort for anyone suffering following 9/11. Done exclusively as a tribute to those on Flight 93, with no financial gain in mind, as the man who put the album together, was a close, personal friend of Todd Beamer, who made the phrase "Let's Roll" famous. They golfed together, and participated in a Bible Study together, and he knew Todd well enough, to include Wynona on the album, as she was one of Todd's favorite artists. Many of Wynona's fans probably don't even realize what a special song she performed that is on this album. Todd loved Country music, which is why some of the songs have a Country feel. "The Lord's Prayer" is emphasized, both because it was an example for us of how to pray, and it's the very prayer one of the other passengers prayed with a telephone operator as she sought to comfort him. Eclectic in nature, the album begins full of power, and excitement, to convey the emotions of the passengers taking back their plane, with the cry, "Let's Roll". As the album progresses, it becomes more, and more worshipful, conveying an attitude of becoming right with one's creator, as many on the plane must have been experiencing, along with purveying comfort to those whose loved ones were lost. Musically excellent, it makes a great album to acquire an attitude of worship for Sunday mornings, deserves a place in every Christian's library, and didn't receive the acclaim it deserved.

Reviewer: Kathryn Bye (Yorba Linda, CA USA)

This CD is a "must-have", October 18, 2002 This CD is unbelievable! A must-have CD!!! Beautifully recorded with a wide range of songs...I truly appreciate the way it goes from the strong rock sound of DC Talk to the soothing and gracious sound of YoYo Ma - just a great spectrum of music. Chaka Khan has never sounded better; Joy Williams, James Curlin, and Jody McBrayer (from Avalon) have probably the best ballad on the CD - their voices blending into one. "The Lord's Prayer" will bless your soul. This CD is true beauty coming out of tragedy.


As emotionally wrenching as the events of September 11th were for Americans, wrestling with the aftermath continues to try a nation's nerves and faith. As a musical search for meaning, Let's Roll, a tribute heavy on Christian music talent, admirably tackles the many issues the events of September 11th have raised. Faith, patriotism, the inevitable question of why, the search for comfort and strength to carry on -- all are addressed, making Let's Roll one of the few truly topical tribute releases to come out of the tragedy. While that sets this release apart from the many tributes that were slapped together in the past year, what makes Let's Roll truly noteworthy is its musical excellence. Combining such talents as dc Talk, Jennifer Knapp, Wynonna, Nicole C. Mullen, Shane Minor. and even R&B diva Chaka Khan, this is a collection of powerful performances that run the gamut of musical expression, from hip-hop to country to R&B and contemporary pop. There are many standout cuts here, but those worth a special mention include dc Talk's title track, Wynonna's soulful and uplifting "Carry On," Jeremy Lubbock's "Lullaby," and Shane Minor's "Don't Ask Why," all of which offer a message of healing and unity. Proceeds from Let's Roll go to the Todd M. Beamer Foundation, which helps children affected by September 11th. Lisa Zhito


Reviewer: Mama Mia, music lover of jazz gospel and rock

Spine-tingling sensation every time you hear this CD! I first heard the haunting title song "Let's Roll" (DC Talk) on "Air1" Christian radio station. It is truly the perfect gift to share with family and friends. Guaranteed to create a spine-tingling sensation everytime you hear it. You will feel the spirit of the people who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11 and who inspired the creation of this unbelievable collection of music. Such a rare find with some of the most talented music artists today that span all cultures and music genre. Highly recommended for all ages!

Reviewer: Patty

"Dont Ask Why" just buy the album and share in the magic! I was listening to Tony & Shane on the radio 9/10 talking about the Lets Roll Album & the inspiration behind the project. It is wonderful to see so many people donating their talents for such a worthy cause! Then they played the song "Dont Ask Why" this has to be one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard so I bought the CD (the song is #9 on the album). I was happy to find a dozen other songs I liked on the album as well. And I felt good buying the album knowing all the proceeds benefit the Todd Beamer Foundation. I am not one to take the time to comment on these types of things but this Album is special and definately worth buying!