Let's Roll - Music and Aid Tour

After the release of the Let's Roll album we were able to mount a very special tour. The tour was built around the theme of "together in unity, faith and hope." Our goal was to provide aid in each city that we travelled to as well as give a concert.

It was a huge success. During the tour we were able to travel through almost every state east of Colorado. The most amazing aspect to the tour was we were able to meet America face to face. At each stop we met someone with a unique story, language, look, and perspective on 9/11. It was one of the most incredible gifts to be able to participate in such an event. Nothing is more humbling than sing to a room of homeless men in -10 degree weather - and have them pray for our journey. The pride of each individual that some many have forgotten put everything into perspective.

As you will see in the video slide show our daily routine included identifying a special cause or organization in a city, provide a gift that fit their needs, visit and give the gift, do a private concert, then do a public concert. Each stop was totally unique. In Houston we visited a shelter for familes and women that needed extra medical supplies, in West Palm we aided WIRK and a community center provide Christmas gifts to a schools worth of children, in Michigan we provided turkeys for meals, a college stipend, in North Carolina we provided food and clothing, in Dallas we provided starter kits for battered women to restart their home life, in Nashville we provided clothes, food and medicine. It was really awesome to see the care that some many Americans provide to eachother throughout our country. It was also very tough to see how far we need to go in our own country to provide the American dream for others. There are so many great people who don't have the basics. And now with Katrina and the other events we really need to all take notice.

The tour also took us to the nation's capitol, various military bases, monday night footbal opening show, philadelphia kixx indoor soccer, and finally ending in New york City. Where we visited fire departments.

The one major point throughout our journey was how beautiful the true soul and landscape of our country is. Aside from any politics, race, creed, lifestyle it was inspiring to see Americans standing together to help, support, and bless each other. Those that needed gave, those that gave received, many hearts were touched, those that support their individual shelters and organizations were just superb in their volunteerism. The press was supportive and helpful in getting the word out - so much so in West Palm that the toys for tots program was overflowing to the point where they were able to ship 85 bicycles to Newark NJ! Totally awesome. The slide show does not show every step of the tour but hopefully will provide a glimpse of the activities that we were blessed to be able to accomplish.

Together in unity, faith and hope. Everything is possible!